Our Story

This is the blog place where you get to hear about the happy life of two people named Brandon and Kelsie who are crazy happy in love all the time, live in Boise Idaho, travel everywhere, and have a firm testimony of our faith in the gospel of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. We are always on the go doing something exciting all the time!
We met in November 2011 at Family Home Evening in our singles ward in Boise Idaho. Brandon was on his way back home to Moses Lake Washington to spend Thanksgiving with his family, and was convinced by his friends to stop by FHE before he left. Of course, we had that awkward first conversation trying to impress each other with our lifetime accomplishments and travels. We exchanged numbers, and Brandon left to go back home that weekend. On Thanksgiving day, he sent me a text message wishing me a Happy Thanksgiving and started to ask me more about myself. We talked for a few hours through text, and he asked if I’d call him while he was driving back to Boise. Nervously I did, and we ended up talking the whole time he drove home. He asked me if he could take me on a date the following evening, and I said yes. He took me to the Pad Thai House, where we had dinner eating our favorite food… THAI FOOD. Afterwards we went to a movie, and we talked the rest of the evening about ourselves and what we’d like to do that upcoming summer. After that first date, I’m pretty sure he and I both knew we’d be inseparable, which we were. He asked me to be his girlfriend a couple weeks later at the same restaurant he took me to for our first date. On June 14th, 2012 he proposed and asked me to be his wife in the same restaurant. We were married October 12th, 2012 in the Twin Falls Idaho Temple for time and all eternity. Now we are living our happy lives together in Meridian Idaho!
That’s what’s up y’all.


One thought on “Our Story

  1. I just found your blog and I am so happy that you have one!! I love you both, so excited to keep updated on your lives! 🙂

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