Summer so far

Wow. I’m horrible about blogging. Lezbehonest. So I’m just going to be blunt about everything since theres so much:

1. We have a new baby niece. Her name is Cozette Mei Edwards. Born on May 18th to my sis in law Kelsey and bro in law John. She’s adorable. We went to her baby blessing just this past weekend when all the earl family was able to get together. She has red hair and HOPEFULLY will have a super duper asian face to go along with it 🙂 Right now she looks more like kel in my opinion, but it can go either way. Love her and the edwards obvi. (yep just said that deal with it)

2. I dyed my hair dark brown again. Then decided I’m just SO good at doing my hair that to go back to my natural I should just give it a bleach bath, (thank you Sally’s for the awesome advice NOT), and it fried it. So now I have short hair and it’s slowly getting lighter. Right now it’s like a dirty blondeish. Do I like it short? Yes it’s easier. Will I dye it dark again? Eh ask me in a couple years but for now no.

3. Brandon finished doing his summer prereq classes. He has also applied for the UND PA program. No we won’t have to move there. The program is designed for those already in the medical field, (he’s a paramedic). So his first year is online lectures which he can do from home. His second year is his clinical rotations which he can choose where to do them with a preceptor. So far our plan is to move to Moses Lake and he can do them through his uncle David who’s a doctor. We are supposed to hear back in September to see if he got an interview, then probably by October if he gets into the program. Keep us in your prayers! We need this!

4. We went to Fort Canby Washington a couple weeks ago for a family reunion on B’s mom’s side. MARBLES HOLLA!! Super fun. We camped. Though everyone rented a yurt and we were the only ones who rocked the tent. We went hiking, flew kites, played by the beach, roasted marshmallows, played games, ate some bomb diggity food, cried a little, bonded, and just had a fabulous time. Made me miss washington just a tad. 

5. One of my friends Emmy got engaged to an awesome dude Myles! Actually the night before Cozette was born. They are getting married August 17th. So next weekend! We actually just had her bachelorette party this evening and it was super fun. They are going to do amazing things together. Such a wonderful couple made by an amazing Heavenly Father. Love you guys!

6. I’m preggo. HA jk no I’m not. I just realized I’ve got nothing left to update. 

Work is getting busier which is awesome! Overtime for the win! Wahoo! Money in the bankkkkkk.

So yeah that’s pretty much all I have to say. 


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